Lower Extremity

Our philosophy on lower-extremity prosthetic fittings is simple. If the socket is not comfortable it does not matter what type of componentry (foot, knee or ankle) you are utilizing. You can have the latest computer controlled knee, but if the socket hurts, it is useless.
Because of this, we take our time to achieve a proper fitting socket. Our years of experiece allows us to fabricate a comfortable, functional socket that allows the amputee to utilize the componentry to the highest level possible.

We were the first company in Arizona to fit the computerized knee called the C-leg. Since then, we have fit numerous individuals with computerized lower extremity componentry and have received positive feedback regarding the stability of the knee. It allows the trans-femoral amputee to walk worry-free without the constant fear of falling.


Upper Extremity

Approximately 6% of the amputee population is at the upper limb level. Trauma is the main cause for this amputation level and because of the low incidence of upper limb amputees, it is imperative to work with a prosthetist that has the experience it takes to design a prosthesis that is both comfortable and functional. Most prosthetists are lucky to see one or two upper limb cases in a career.

At Artificial Limb Specialists, we have extensive experience working with amputees who have suffered upper limb loss from industrial accidents to the war in Vietnam, Iraq and Aftghanistan. Our experience with myoelectrics and advanced socket designs allow our patients to full and active lives. Modern technological advancements such as the I-limb also allow for a more natural grasp and function. Schedule a visit and consultation and see if we are the right "fit" for you. 


Children's Prosthetics

As a child grows, persistent attention to fitting their growing limb is crucial. Artificial Limb Specialists ensures your child is continually cared for through consistent follow up and prosthetic adjustments during their growing years.

As parents ourselves, we understand how important your child is to you. We have over 30 years fitting children with congenital limb absence and amputations. Owen Larson, C.P. is the past president of the largest association of children's prosthetic clinics (ACPOC) in the country. As the sole prosthetic provider in Arizona for the Shriner's Hospital for Children, we have the resources necessary for new parents of children for limb loss that can help them cope with their new challenging situation.

Because children are tough on their prostheses, we have chosen certain fitting techniques and componentry that stand up to the abuse kids subject to their new limbs. Also, to make wearing the prosthesis more fun and accepted by the child, and other children, we will custom fabricate the prosthesis with the favorite design of your child covering their new limb. Over the years our patients have chosen everything from mutant ninja turtles to their favorite athlete to adorn their prosthesis. This makes it fun for everyone!


Artificial Limb Specialists

Artificial Limb Specialists is a patient care facility dedicated to rebuilding the lives of amputees. Your success is our success. Welcome to the family!

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