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Leading an active life from morning till night requires a prosthesis that keeps up with you no matter the situation.  For you, it is not uncommon to work all day then hit the gym at night or come home to take care of your family.  You don’t have time to worry about your prosthesis - there are not enough hours in the day!  It needs to keep up with you, not hold you back.


A majority of our patients fall into this category.  For them, we make every effort to design a prosthesis that will hold up to the task.  To achieve this, we often try multiple prosthetic feet or knees to determine what works best.  Everything from computer controlled knees to lightweight carbon fiber feet help us achieve the task.  Maybe your daily routine would even benefit from a microprocessor foot or hydraulic ankle.  We are certified in all of the most advanced technologies available to amputees and can help determine what would fit YOUR lifestyle best.


However, all the technology in the world won't do you any good if the socket fit isn't perfect.  Nobody places more emphasis on this than we do, and we take pride in making sure your prosthesis is fit and aligned correctly.  Multiple socket adjustments are made over time to “fine tune” the fit.  With our experience and your feedback we will achieve the optimal fit and function to keep you active and living life!


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Artificial Limb Specialists is a patient care facility dedicated to rebuilding the lives of amputees. Your success is our success. Welcome to the family!

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