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As a PM&R physician with special interest in management of the amputee patient, I can not stress enough, the importance of a highly skilled prosthetist as an integral part of the rehab team. I have had the opportunity to work closely with the clinicians at Artificial Limb Specialists and feel very confident in their skill and attention to detail, their personalized attention to their patients, their professionalism, and the high quality of care they provide. In addition, I have experienced their commitment to teamwork. They are dedicated to working with the rehab team including the physician, therapists, and patient, thereby leading to positive patient outcomes.

Therefore, it is with high regards that I recommend Artificial Limb Specialists to provide the prosthetic and amputee care to our patients.  ~ Dr. William J. Livesay, Jr

1274393711021906498317386908144611206416984nIf you want to be more active than you ever were before, then this is where you need to go to get on the right path to reach your goals.  ~ Richard Alcaraz


Todd-shoot-1-lowres(Artificial LImb Specialists) are absolutely the most incredible people.  I have been working with them almost 20 years and every leg has been spectacular.  They do exactly what they say, and always understand my needs.  They've changed my life for the better, and I owe them more than I could possibly write here.  They are without question, the very best in the business.

  ~ Todd Key




christa-climbing-2With help from a comfortable, reliable prosthetic, I'm free to live the life I choose: to keep on climbing. Thanks, Artificial Limb Specialists. ~ Christa Brelsford.





Trey-iLimbThese guys are amazing and will work with you every step of the way, no matter how long you've been an amputee.  I lost my right hand 8 months ago and I'm so glad I was referred to them.  They have gone to doctor appointments with me, taking time out of their day, to make sure I'm taken care of and can get authorized for the best prosthetics I can!  Do not go anywhere else.  Thank you all!  ~ Trey Smith




I've never had sockets fit so comfortably! An OEF veteran, my legs are a nightmarish blend of skin grafts and HO, but they made life significantly more comfortable. Therefore, more active and mobile. The service of the entire company is friendly and pleasant to be around. Phenomenal company!  ~ Ian Parkinson

photoThey all help to ease the frustrations and obstacles I encounter by being an amputee. Thank you, Artificial Limb Specialists and all the wonderful staff for what you have done for me and continue to do.  ~ Judy Edwards







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Artificial Limb Specialists is a patient care facility dedicated to rebuilding the lives of amputees. Your success is our success. Welcome to the family!

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