Peer Support

Are you facing an amputation or have recently become an amputee? If so, you probably have many questions. There is a wealth of information on the Internet concerning prosthetics in general. However, we found a better solution for amputees looking for answers to their questions. We asked our patients what helped them the most after their amputation. The response was that they appreciated speaking to other amputees who could answer the tough questions able-bodied individuals could not.

Our response to this is our Peer Support Program. Our volunteers are amputees who have successfully dealt with limb loss and are here for anyone who may have questions concerning amputation or life with a prosthesis. The program matches the age, gender and amputation level of the new amputee with an amputee of similar characteristics. At that time, they are made available to the new amputee either by phone or an actual meeting. This meeting can be at the hospital or at one of our clinics. Phone calls are also possible.

If you are a new amputee and need the help of a seasoned veteran to answer any questions you may have, please contact our office at 602-745-2080 to become a part of our Peer Support Program. Anyone can participate and there is no charge to you.