Mike Pack

Certified Prosthetist

Michael Pack is an ABC certified prosthetist who has practiced in Arizona for more than 20 years. In 1999 he founded Artificial Limb Specialists with his business partner, Kevin Kohler.  Michael began his career in 1985 as a technician for an orthotics and prosthetics company in Michigan.  After receiving his degree from the University of Michigan, he pursued his degree in prosthetics at Northwestern University in Chicago to become an ABC certified clinician. During his residency in Tucson, he specialized in acute care prosthetics, ischial containment socket designs, and upper extremity prosthetics and was part of the National Upper Extremity Team for Nova Care/Hanger.  He was responsible for complex fittings of upper extremity amputees throughout the state of Arizona and was certified by all major manufacturers for upper extremity myoelectric technology.  Michael has worked as a clinical educator for a major manufacturers, worked as a contractor for the Department of Defense where he designed and fit wounded soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, many of which were high level/multi limb amputees.  He has designed prosthetic limbs for Paralympic athletes and high profile sprinters such as Marlon Shirley and Tony Volpentest as well as paralympic cyclists currently training at the Olympic training center in Colorado.  He has lectured at both the International Conference of Advanced Prosthetics (ICAP) and also in the United Kingdom on his trans-humeral myoelectric fitting procedure as well.