Performance Athlete


Working with athletes can  be a  difficult process.  High activity events such as track and field, cycling and triathlons require sports specific prostheses.  It takes patience and time to custom design and align these prosthetic limbs so that they help the user to perform at their very best.  We have the experience to accomplish this.

Our history of working with athletes goes way back.  We have worked with Paralympic athletes Kurt Collier, Jeff Skiba, Casey Tibbs, Marlon Shirley, and Tony Volpentest designing prosthetic limbs that let them compete at the elite level in Track and Field events. Many have achieved Gold medals with our help.

You don’t need to be a Paralympian, however, for us to work with you.  We have many local clients who compete in everything from track and field events to Iron Man triathlons.  We call them “weekend warriors” but they still manage to be top in their field.

If you think you need the attention of our experienced staff, give us a call.  We may be able to help.