As we get older our bodies change.  This is a fact of life.  The activities that we once did without thought, now cause discomfort.  We are just not able to tolerate the forces that we once could as a young adult. 

Sometimes, circulation may play a role in daily changes that can be frustrating. 

Medications typically effect our limbs in unintended ways and may contribute to a changing body as well.  Finally, our bodies don’t rebound like they used to.

Therefore, it is important for the prosthesis to be comfortable, forgiving and stable.  We understand this and will utilize technologically advanced materials to design a prosthesis that allows you the most active lifestyle possible.  To accomplish this task, we utilize soft gels that provide a protective barrier between the skin and the prosthesis.  Lightweight prosthetic components such as feet and knees reduce energy.  In situations where weight is the primary concern, we can build a prosthesis that weighs as little as 2 lbs!

Although you may not be as rough and adventurous on your leg as you once were, the advances in technology can still help keep you comfortable and stable.  New developments in feet and knees can help to reduce the forces on your limb, keeping you comfortable throughout the day.  Stability is also enhanced greatly by many of the new feet and knees available.  Getting older doesn’t have to mean becoming less active… or comfortable!