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Services and Solutions

Limb Specialists is proud to offer the best in all types of prosthetic solutions. We understand the needs of today’s amputee and have dedicated ourselves to helping make life easier.

Lower Limb Prosthetics

Our prosthetic solutions are designed to keep you moving wherever they are in their journey. Our goal is to meet your ideal outcome every step of the way. From the C-Leg 4 to the latest socket technology, we’re here to support your freedom of movement.

Upper Limb Prosthetics

Our upper extremity specialist has over 25 years of prosthetic experience and is dedicated to helping you discover a prosthetic solution that best meets your needs and functional ability.

Athletic Prosthetics

High activity events such as track and field, cycling and triathlons require sports specific prostheses. It takes patience and time to custom design and align these prosthetic limbs so that they help the user to perform at their very best. We have the experience to accomplish this.


Pediatric Prosthetics

At  Limb Specialists, we strive to create a supportive and inviting environment to help kids succeed as they learn to live with their prosthesis. Our team specializes in both upper and lower limb pediatric prosthetics that enable children to grow with improved balance and confidence. We look forward to forming a lasting relationship with you and your child.

Trauma and Blast Wounds

The prosthetists at Limb Specialists have a vast history of helping complex patients that have experienced various forms of trauma and are uniquely experienced in working with patients with blast wounds.

Senior Prosthetics

Although you may not be as rough and adventurous on your leg as you once were, the advances in technology can still help keep you comfortable and stable. New developments in feet and knees can help to reduce the forces on your limb, keeping you comfortable throughout the day. Stability is also enhanced greatly by many of the new feet and knees available. Getting older doesn’t have to mean becoming less active… or comfortable!


We are a leader in care

Our prosthetists are qualified and ready to help you accomplish your goals and get back to doing what you love.